Sunday, April 13, 2003

RANDOM THOUGHTS FROM THE ETHER: I Just got back from seeing Old School for the second time. It's still funny. Vince and Will crack me up. I bet there'll be a sequel. More thoughts:

--I think the Jetsons would make a fun live action film. -So would Futurama, with real good Star Wars special effects. -I would also like to see an A-list remake of Flash Gordon with the original Queen soundtrack intact. -I got a haircut this Friday. The shampoo lady (real cute) was awesome. I felt like a puppy when she rubbed my temples and scalp. I think I'd like to patent a machine that circulates hot water around my head while massaging my temples and scalp. With some VR goggles, I'd never leave my couch! -When did Billy Corgan form a new band? And what's with the chick in '70's style gym shorts and yellow pumps? -Craig Kilborn cracked me up when he addressed the Iraqi nation. He said: "Welcome to democracy. Henceforth all your streetcorners will now be referred to as Starbucks. -How did Alicia Witt (natch, another fiery redhead) end up on every other movie on TMC?"

OK. I'm done for now. Good night everybody!

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