Thursday, April 10, 2003

MY AMAZING FAMILY, PART II: So I have this brother, see. He doesn't want me to use his name or divulge any personal information about himself or his family. I can understand that, the internet can be a scary place -especially for someone with a family to protect. So, how can I crow about how great this guy is without revealing too much? [Sidebar: Now I have an inkling of what those embedded reporters with the Third Infantry Division (The Big 3) had to contend with.] To begin with, my brother has served as my male role model after my father (of blessed memory) passed away when I was a mere pup of fifteen. To date, I have not found (nor do I intend to go looking) for a satisfactory individual to replace him in that capacity. My brother has a beautiful family, a successful career and leads a virtuous life. All things of which I am currently (sadly) lacking. Additionally, my brother has a special rapport with kids that is amazing to behold. To put it succintly, he speaks their language. Its not uncommon to find children of all ages enraptured by his "[NAME DELETED]-ese" a pidgin language he developed with his best friend as a child that is still fascinating to this day. His childlike fascination of all things (especially giving me a dead knee or tapping me on my shoulder the moment I turn my back to him) always keeps things interesting. This is not to downplay his intellectual side, which is formidable. I guess that's why his office keeps him at work to ungodly hours and calls him in a lot on weekends. How he finds time to attend a daily Talmud study group and devote attention to his family I'll never know. But he does, and does it well. Perhaps that's part of the mystery of my Big Brother (caps intended) that I'll never fathom. Stay tuned for additional installements of <reverb>MY AMAZING FAMILY.</reverb>

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