Sunday, October 24, 2004


Did anyone catch Ashlee's screw-up on SNL? Apparently, the wrong taped vocals started playing when it came time for the not-Jessica to perform her second song. Ashlee oh-so-cleverly goofed around for ten seconds and walked off stage. Great recovery, kid, you're a star! Don't let anyone not in your family tell you otherwise.

Friday, October 22, 2004


Add Krugman to the list of 'Times columnists who would destroy the Republic in order to "save" it. Now he says the elections are already rigged by the all-powerful Republican/Bush cabal.

So the Yanks lost. Big deal. I'm more upset that the Sox are going to the series. Not a big fan of Boston, I am.

Gonna be out of the city this weekend. So, next weekend is our official last weekend as residents of the great Borough of Manhattan. <sigh>

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Suddenly, the world seems like a bigger, more frightening place without my Bubby.

Friday, October 15, 2004


The latest campaign Brouhaha over John Kerry's "Outing" of Lynne Cheney seems ridiculously overblown to me. Of course, in a close election like this one, everything gets ridiculously overblown. Like the notion that either candidate will measurably impact your life right now, for instance. Some truths:

  • You won't get drafted.
  • Your tax bill won't change -drastically.
  • We'll still be in Iraq on November 3rd, 2004 and November 3, 2005 for that matter.
  • Israelis and Palestinians will still hate each other.
  • We'll all still hate strongly dislike the French.
  • Lynne Cheney will still be gay.

I mean, really. What did Kerry do? He did not slander anyone -not even close. We all knew Lynne was gay. If we didn't before the campaign we sure as hell did after the Vice-Presidential debate. Like the issue of who did what during the Vietnam years, this issue is just random campaign noise to me, to be treated and discarded as such and in no way an issue of any import.

The larger "truth" that I'm beginning to realize is that the Democratic claim of Republican dirty tricks is not wholly unfounded -with a caveat. The Republican campaign is only doing what the Democratic rank and file routinely perpetrate : Mercilessly slander and libel/label the opposition. For every Karl (that's with a K, as is Marx) Rove, there's a Dan Rather; for each swift boat vet ad there's a Michael Moore. To insist that either side has a monopoly on the truth is nonsensical. If you have any gray matter at all, you'll just need to figure it all out for yourself. And for G-d's sake, watch more than one news channel and read more than one newspaper on a regular basis. If you don't, you'll elect what you deserve. It's called due diligence, exercise it!

GOOD READ DEPT: Deconstructing Bob Herbert. I never much cared for Mr. Herbert's columns anyways. He's not only a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy, he's a glass-is-broken-and-leaking-water-like-a-sieve kind of guy. Mr. Herbert doesn't seem to have ever met a party he couldn't rain on.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Wife & I watched Saved! last night on DVD. A funny, dark coming-of-age teen movie with a bunch of wild twists. RECOMMENDED.

Saw this cute magnet poster in my doctor's office yesterday.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I find myself reading David Brooks more and more these days. He seems like a level-headed guy without an axe to grind -a rarity for an op-ed columnist in the New York Times. I like his point blank assesment of the differences in vision of the (two) presidential candidates he makes today.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


It's good to be in D.C. The latest jibjab yuckfest.

SNL is looking weak this season. Looks like Amy is the only cast member not just phoning it in.

Heather, on Scrubs is a nice fit. UPGRADE!

Ooh! Bill Shatner has a new album! yay! Many years ago, my buddy Steve and I settled on the Shat as the leading candidate for Supreme Leader of our hypotherical new age religion/cult/internet business: Religion 2.0. We never got past the beer soaked planning sessions on that one, though..

Topher is short for Christopher? I DID NOT KNOW THAT!

Why did the rat cross Riverside Drive? I guess we'll never know...

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


From The Stewardess Monologues::
I just love it when passengers get on the plane and they all look in the cockpit. Wouldn't it be great if the pilots were sitting in there, one reading a book titled "SO YOU WANT TO FLY?", and the other holding a broken switch in his hand with a look of confusion on his face?
another gem:
Frequent Fliers: why can everything be justified by how many miles they have? "Sir, you simply cannot be smacking around a flight attendant like that. You can't. Oh? Super Gold status? Yes, well ... that IS a lot of miles. You certainly can slap a flight attendant, sir. Yes, you can.

Monday, October 04, 2004


Dunno why Grand Central (Train) Station could be considered a good venue for selling cars. Also, a dead ringer for David E. Davis Jr.  was standing around by the cars. I wonder if it was really him?

Via Ned:

Electoral Vote Predictor collates data from polls across the country to predict the outcome of the electoral vote. The maps are clear and informative, showing which states are near-balance, and which are clearly on one side or the other.

UPDATE: Official Virgin Galactic Homepage