Monday, February 27, 2006


Because that’s what passes for being romantic these days. (At least according to the Bachelor/ette.)

FUNNY: If Microsoft designed the box the iPod came in. (Hat tip: Ned)

Sunday, February 26, 2006


When I break apart a pair of chopsticks I rub together the ends that were attached. Those are the ends that have splinters that can embed in my palm as I eat my food. My wife, on the other hand, sands the eating ends. She claims that it reduces her chance of eating wood. Despite this onerous disagreement, we manage to get along and inhabit the same space amicably. Last night, as we were watching In Her Shoes, Mark Feuerstein’s character broke open a pair of chopsticks and promptly began sanding my way. Triumphantly, I turned to my wife and proclaimed something along the lines of: “Hah!” Fittingly, the very next shot had Toni Collette’s character break open her pair of chopsticks, turn them around, and sand them as my wife would. The debate rages on.

GAY RODEO: I just watched the episode of King of the Hill, “My Own Private Rodeo” where Dale reconciles with his father, Bug, the star of the gay rodeo. Has to be one of the all-time great KOTH episodes, up there with “Aisle 8A.”

OVERHEARD: Heidi Klum’s guest character on Spin City: “We have a saying in Germany: Better to have loved and lost than to engage in a land war with Russia in the winter.”

Thursday, February 09, 2006


While my friend Scott and I agree totally that the correct response to the cartoon controversy is NOT rioting, destruction and death, there is -it appears- more to the story than meets the eye. Andrew Sullivan links to this counterpoint and this interesting fact. Scott led me to this article, by Pat Buchanan (not a man I’m otherwise inclined to agree with,) which casts the cartoons in a more provocative light. It seems clear to me that the recent unrest has been sparked by some pretty nefarious political actors. It also seems that the original publishers of the cartoons are less than innocent, though. What struck me most, though, is how hard one has to dig to fully flesh out the story. Our regular media channels increasingly don't seem to do the important topics justice.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I must not draw Muhammed. Read Andrew’s previous post to see the depths of hypocrisy regarding this issue.

PALESTINIAN ELECTION IN RETROSPECT: Taheri, I believe, gets it right.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This is very cool. Once again, it has taken Microsoft to figure out the potential of an OS-level service for a commonly used internet device.