Friday, November 23, 2007


This was a week for reconnecting. First, Lorraine and I went to sheva brachot for my stepfather's grandson Ariel. It was in Queens, so we got to see a lot of Queens people we haven't seen in awhile. Usually, I get to say hello around the Yomim Noraim, when I go to my Mom's for Rosh HaShanah, but this year we went to my in-law's instead. It was especially nice for me because I think the world of the families that I know from Queens. In addition to being sterling individuals, all, they were there for myself and my family during some dark times after my father's passing.

Moving on To Thanksgiving. I got to spend time with my only Aunt and only set of first cousins. I also have not seen them for quite some time and it was nice to watch all the kids -second cousins- play together. Did I mention that the turkey with all the trimmings and mulled wine were superb? Well, they were. After dinner, we watched home movies DVD's and had dessert. Then it was time to stroll down the block (from my aunt) to one of my closest friend's to say hello and see his baby boy. We haven't seen baby Daniel since his bris, so that was a special treat too. He's a real cutie. The only disappointing note was not being able to spend time with the Millers and Bodeks as originally planned back home in Passaic. Overall, this was a Thanksgiving week for the books. Good family, good friends, good food...


Monday, November 19, 2007


Find out our neighborhood's "Walk Score" with (Hat Tip: Joel)

An Army engineer radically improves IED detection using drones by gaming the system in virtual worlds. (Hat Tip: Blackfive)

Just finished watching Orange County on Netflix on-demand. Great movie. Starring the progeny of two great actors: Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks' son) and Schuyler Fisk (Sissy Spacek's daughter.) Recommended

Sunday, November 18, 2007


If you grew up schooled on Ernie's classic Rubber Ducky song (Rubber Ducky, you're the one! Squeak! Squeak!) Be forewarned that there's a new Rubber Duck song for the next generation. Yes, Ernie has a new Rubber Ducky standard, the Reggae-ish Do De Rubber Duck. It's catchy.

Tracy Jordan's (30 Rock character) Werewolf Bar Mitzvah is one of those sitcom songs that should inspire a real, full-length video.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Saturday Night Live this season has been lackluster, to say the least. Every time I'm about to give up on the show, though, they manage to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Last season, Peyton Manning hosted a great show, including this gem of a sketch. His "PSA" was also talked about quite a bit. This weekend, Brian Williams unexpectadly hosted a great show. From the opening sketch of Hillary's Halloween party with a cameo by the real Barack Obama, to a strong monologue and some real good understated performances by Mr. Williams as a firefighter on Bronx Beat" and a somnolent Publisher's Clearinghouse winner, this one's a keeper. I don't know why, but it's always the guests you least expect to have a funny bone that end up raising the bar on that show. Sadly, SNL still remains on life support.