Monday, April 28, 2003

INTERACTIVE DESIGN: (Or, In the newfound spirit of Democracy.) Just in time for Summer, I'd like to redesign my site by changing over to a new template. Fret not, however, as all the watery content will remain the same and only the "gingerbread" will change. As I do not posess any design flair of note, I invite you -my adoring and miniscule readership- to post your choice of template right here in round one of my design nomination event. Please nominate one or more templates for final voting (if it ever gets that far) by posting links to the designs in the comments for this post. Embellish your selection with any verbiage deemed neccesary. You may find template choices at Point of Focus Graphics; Blogskins or on Blogger. If you know of any other sites with templates you'd like to nominate, feel free. In the immortal words of Frank Bartles: (or was it Ed Jaymes) "Thank you for your support." PS The prize for the winning entry is TBD, but will definitely not be in denominations of Saddam Dinars.

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