Thursday, April 03, 2003

A DIFFERENT KIND OF VIRAL ACTIVITY: I read about this article last night: Where do they get young men like this? on Rachel's site. Stay with me because this plays out like Six Degrees of Separation (or Three Degrees of Kevin Bacon, depending upon which generation you hail from.) Rachel linked to Donald who found it on Lt. Smash. That was last night. No further action was taken by me. By 11:26AM EST this morning, I had received an e-mail from Charles, a relatively non-wired friend with the story. The story's been making its rounds at the financial concern that he works for. By 12:10PM, Peter -who sits two cubicles down from me at my consulting gig- had posted a link to this article in our shared Kubi Space. Note that Peter, Charles and Rachel have no knowledge of each other whatsoever; nor does Rachel (to the best of my knowledge) even know that I exist. It's simply amazing how quickly ideas spread in the digital age. It is said that "Information wants to be free." Well, if that's so, this particular nugget deserves the George Washington freedom award.

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