Wednesday, April 02, 2003

BOREDOM AND RANDOM THOUGHTS: I've been quite bored as of late. The thing is, the war is so preoccupying my mind that It's hard to be creative and blog about anything else. Since I've pretty much foresworn against warblogging, that doesn't leave much for me to wax on about. Thus, dear reader(s) you see such posts as the one prior to this, a jumble of geekorama. Some random thoughts from the ether:

-I like Owen Wilson's shtick. I'm watching "I, Spy" with Eddie Murphy and Owen and, while I can see why some critics didn't think much of it, Wilson's action hero with an id act is vastly entertaining, especially when paired with Murphy's super-sized ego. -The difference between living in the '90's on the Upper West side of Manhattan and the 70's in a nutshell: In the '90's shooting for Law and Order crime scenes block traffic; In the '70's it's Sex and the City (I just looked at an apartment in the building that serves as Miranda's lobby.) (Sidebar: I've actually complained to the indifferent teamsters running the shoot that my Mom watches L&O and she'd start worrying if she keeps recognizing my neighborhood as the crime scene.) -A lot of the blogs of a personal nature that I've been "blogrolling" are becoming stale and repetitive. Is mine?

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