Friday, March 14, 2003

THE PRODUCTION COMPANY INSIDE MY HEAD: Man, did I have a duesy of a dream last night. For those of you uninformed as to my dreaming patterns, my subconscious has a long and colorful history of entertainment during my resting hours. I'm still piecing together last night's whopper -it takes me awhile to remember all of the details- but it was a full fledged comedy routine based upon some chance encounters on a walk in my old stomping grounds of Kew Gardens, Queens. Suffice it to say that myself and a friend are walking down Metropolitan Avenue, spot a large group of chaperoned co-eds and proceed to have a loud and diverting conversation about the injustices of the current school system. Hilarity ensues. Note that the conversation is nothing like you can possibly imagine, even given the rough context that I have supplied you with. I tell you, one of these days a full-fledged screenplay will pop out of me in my sleep. Sort of gives the twilight zone a whole new meaning, eh?

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