Tuesday, March 04, 2003

PEEVE: My e-pal Jon has this to say about blog commenting and mentions me in the process (YAY!) I have since taken the liberty of posting a discussion topic in his forum on Infoworld (Jon is the lead analyst for Infoworld) Incidentally, the spell checking feature on Jon's Infoworld webex instance seems broken for now. Clicking on spell check will cause you to lose your post. My peeve/post in Jon's space can be found here. Full text of post follows:

I've just about given up on ever getting proper usage out of a threaded discussion medium such as WebEx -or even NNTP (for the non-digerati, for sure) Most people just respond to whatever message they happen to have selected and thus end up only nesting a discussion further and further. How many times have you had to click on the "twistie" over and over again to drill down through a discussion topic? Well, for so many reasons, THAT JUST AIN'T RIGHT! (Jake's pet peeve?) I find linear webboard type discussions (such as that found on ezBoard.com) much more intuitive and useful and steer clients toward that type of solution when the need arises. Any thoughts?

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