Thursday, May 29, 2003

BLOGBLOG: I realize that blogging about blogging is frowned upon, but I feel that I have reached a point in the evolution of my blog whereupon I have to get a few things off of my chest. Gimlet Eyes is coming up on its six month anniversary and, as befitting an agenda-less blog, has seen several overall themes come and go. It seems fitting that my first post was related to pop culture and television, as the single most recurring theme has been my observations of what's on the telly. I'm not sure this is healthy as my blog does reflect the preponderance of my random thoughts and the trend is concerning. I hope to get out more and rely less on this social crutch in the future. I intend to pursue a bigger apartment and possibly a dog to assist me in this endeavor. The war is over, and while I refrained from directly commenting on it, Operation Iraqi Freedom was clearly on my mind during the war years/months/weeks. The random technology bits scattered throughout the blog don't accurately reflect my passion for the discipline, especially since I am way more interested in coding in general and "social software" in particular, than I am in hardware. At various points, I also discussed my family, my heritage, my city and my feelings about the Columbia disaster, all of which I hope to expound upon in the future. I'm hoping the outdoors, philosophy and new and exciting random musings will invigorate this space in the coming months -in addition to those themes worthy of continuance. In summation, dear reader(s,) stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!

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