Tuesday, May 06, 2003

SISTER, SISTER: My sister Bena is the coolest. She's my elder by six years, but we still giggle like children when we get together. Who else consistenly laughs when I blurt out "Blücher!" or intimate (in falsetto) ""Miss Me?" Bena calls me just about every night to check up on me. We are each other's safety net and one of us usually knows exactly where the other is. Bena is also the most (bar none!) doting aunt imaginable. My neices and nephews all call me "Uncle Yaakov" (that's Hebrew for Jacob) but to them, she's just "Bena." She gives me an uncle complex. Bena buys toys for them every time she sees the kiddies, takes them to Broadway shows and such. I'm just starting to learn by imitation (from her) how to play the doting uncle role, but I'll never catch up. Did I mention she's a classy, high powered litigator? Weeeell, she's a lawyer, all right... Interestingly enough, I seem to collect surrogate sisters in other cities: There's Andrea in Los Angeles, my next door neighbor when I lived there for six months last year. Andrea lives with Smokie, Richard Grieco's cast away kittie. At this time I would also like to nominate Wendy as my surrogate sister in Chicago. Permission pending, of course. Wen, are you in?

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