Friday, May 23, 2003

GML: I find the expressiveness of HTML and punctuation to be somewhat lacking. Hence, you may notice some unusual made-up HTML "tags" in my missives here and there. One I've used before is <reverb> and one I've borrowed from Jon is <sweeping generalization>. I'd like to formalize some tags into an expressive grammar for my blog. I christen this new grammar Gimlet Markup Language, or GML for short. Herein are some GML tags and their usage:
Tag NameDefinition
<reverb>Used to add that impressive echo to a statement. Ex: <reverb>Ladies and Gentlemen, Your New York Knickerbockers!</reverb>
<grin>Unary. Used to denote mischief/humor (context sensitive.) Ex: I mentioned you in my blog, so now you're famous <grin>
<sheepish grin>Unary. Used to shy humor. Ex: Yeah, choker does make you look cheap <sheepish grin>.
<salacious grin>Unary. Deprecated (being phased out) in favor of the binary <wink> (see below.) Ex: So, How YOU doin'? <salacious grin>
<wink>Standards compliant version of <salacious grin>. Used to connote ulterior motive. Usage: <wink>Wanna come over and watch a video, or something?</wink>
<TTMA>Talking Through My A**. When it is generally agreed that I don't know what I'm saying. Ex: <TTMA>Why don't you get a job?!</TTMA>
<TTHA>Talking Through His/Her A**. See <TTMA>
<nag>Literally, Nag. As in: <nag>When are you going to get married already?</nag>
<SKIB>Swift Kick in the Behind. Ex: <SKIB>Did you ever call that annoying client?</SKIB>
<DS>Dope Slap. Unary. Often used in place of <SKIB>. <DS> is the original Netscape version of the whacking reminder. More details here.
<SUH>Slap Upside the Head. Binary synonym of <DS>. This is the ECMA sanctioned version.
More tags to come as the working draft wends its way through the finalization process. Comments? Suggestions?

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