Friday, December 26, 2003

NEW TOY ON THE WAY: So I finally caved and ordered a Treo 600 from Sprint. The treo, for those of you who are not gadget oriented, is Handspring's (now PalmOne's) second attempt at combining a Palm-based organizer and a cell phone. It's real cool and has a built in camera. I've been eyeing this one for awhile but couldn't justify its purchase. I still can't, but some recent events tipped me over the edge. Firstly, my new apartment doesn't have T-Mobile coverage or AT&T next-gen coverage.Oddly, the old AT&T network seems to have better coverage in my apartment than their new GSM phones. That leaves Sprint and Verizon. I've seen the cable guy get decent access in my apartment with Sprint and I have a pathological hatred of Verizon (which does, as a matter of fact, have the best network in the USA) so my decision is made. Next, Amazon has a deal whereby you get $250 in rebates for the Treo, turning a $500 purchase into a more manageable $250. Unfortunately, the Treo is on back order everywhere until February so my new toy won't show up for awhile. Sigh. Does anyone want to buy a three month old Clie? ALSO: Got a new Blue Betta for our accent wall. The little guy seems to be settling in just fine, but then again Bettas are super easy to take care of. Fun fact: Bettas have an auxiliary lung that allows them to breathe air if the water quality is too low. Anyways, we're looking for a name for the fella, "Blue" seems to work for now.

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