Monday, December 15, 2003

LONG DAY: Some days it just seems that all the little things will kill ya. By some astrological quirk this day more often than not turns out to be Monday. In the old days, there was rhyme to the reason to avoid certain things on Mondays. Cars built on Mondays suffered poor quality because the auto workers who assembled them were likely hung over and not disposed towards screwing things together very well. But I digress... Today was tough because it was my first day in the new digs. I am a consultant, see, and the department of the company I work for just moved buildings to some new facility that isn't quite ready for prime time. So the office I was supposed to hang my hat is unavailable (so I moved.) The temporary location for my butt has an inoperative LAN port (fixed.) This baby has the amazing ability to appear fully functioning and then completely fritz out, right out of the box! (going back to the store.) This sexy mama can't see this tired old beast on the network for some reason (towel has been thrown in, file backups are being used.) To compound the problem, the Dell's USB port is buried under plastic in such a way as to make it unusable (some physical persuasion methods may be applied.) Lastly, the genii who assembled this baby don't seem to understand polarity on a AA battery and why it may, ahem, "affect performance." (I suspect it was assembled somewhere deep within a Chinese gulag on the nearest local equivalent to Monday.) So, how was YOUR day?

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