Wednesday, December 17, 2003

ADDITIONS: So Lorraine & I picked up our newest member of the family yesterday. We got a baby orange & white Pearlscale (goldfish) to be the first inhabitant for our brand-spanking new 25 gallon tank. The little guy is really tiny, maybe an inch & a half. He's got a tough job because, as the first tenant of a new tank, he's got to acclimate the water and bacterial levels for himself and future tenants. The shock of a new tank can be fatal, so I've treated and "homogenized" the water as best as I can for over a week before adding any swimmers. I'm hoping to eventually stock the tank with between six and ten goldfish of different (all ornamental) varieties. The little dude seems a bit traumatized by his new surroundings. Yesterday he was swimming happily around his small tank in the store with a bunch of his friends, confidently poking around for food and pooping (pretty much that's was goldies do) in familiar surroundings. Today he's alone in a huge expanse of a tank that, aside for the gravel on the bottom, is as desolate as a moonscape for now. I think he's perked up a bit today -still he seems much more active when the lights are off. When noone's around & it's dim in the room he adventurously swims up to the surface of the tank. When I come in and turn on the light he crash dives down to the bottom and just sits in the corner, looking pathetic. If he survives the ordeal I may just have to name him <reverb>Zippy the Wonder Fish.</reverb>

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