Tuesday, January 07, 2003

NON DIGITALLY-ABLED NEED NOT APPLY: ned and mitch seem to think that Python is ready for prime-time as a development language for big-league application development. Jon, synergist that he is, is psyched about the possibilities of a software product that is intrinsically scriptable (which is what an app written in Python would be.) It's not clear to me why this is radically better than a Java app. but I'm willing to let those who've given it more thought than I write the book on this one. I'm sticking with Java for now because it's more difficult for me (than those more liguistically endowed) to switch gears so often -and I've already got too many syntaxes on my plate. In a nutshell, Java seems to be the language with the most cross-platform bindings right now. Oh, and eclipse rules!

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