Monday, January 02, 2006


I was just about to post about how the Lazy Sunday, a.k.a. the Chronic...(what?)...cles of Narnia, SNL short has taken on a life of its own on the internet when Newsweek beat me to the punch.

BLUE: In an odd premonition, our Betta, Blue, died last Thursday. Today I learn that Actor Patrick Cranshaw, who played Blue in Old School has passed. "You're my boy, Blue!" RIP.

SHOUT OUT to my "big sister" Wendy in Chitown. Vendela? what's with the guy holding the Beagle? Nu? (asked to the tune of Madonna playing Linda Richman's friend Liz Rosenberg.)

TWO MUSICAL JEWS that live in my 'hood (and pray in my synagogue): Mennu (blog) and Seth.

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Vendelascity said...

Hey, 'lil bro! The boy with the beagle is my pal Aaron and his dog's name is Emily. He's a human architect, she's a doggie archetype. Both are cuties, nu?

Hope all's well with the little family. Holla back soon, yo!