Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I was watching the Adam Corolla Project and I have to say that Adam is quite an amusing character. His banter always puts a grin on my face. He digressed into musing that the next leap forward in dentistry will be the preemtive darting of patients. Basically, if you have, say, a root canal coming up, you'll be hanging out with your friends and whap! you'll feel a sting in your neck and wake up a few hours later with you mouth packed full of gauze. Presto! no more worrying about going to the dentist as the final pain barrier to dentistry comes down. In other television related observations, David Spade's Showbiz Show is quite funny. Ridonculous, as he puts it.

OTHERWISE: Kat braves the strike in NYC. Damien braves the wrath of Lotus Notes developers. Airbus builds the biggest white whale ever.


Damien said...

Wrath? Will my project make Notes guys angry?

Jake said...

I speak metaphorically, but (us) Notes guys can be quite militant. Actually, you probably have the support of any and all who read and/or otherwise know you. Say, remember the last time (I can remember) someone billed a product as a Notes clone? Whatever happened to Yoga?

Vendelascity said...

Happy 2006, my SNL-loving, 'lil bro! Check out what I did on New Year's Eve... the ghost of John Belushi is alive and kickin' it in the Second City!