Friday, August 06, 2004


I've lately been reading the blog My War - Fear and Loathing In Iraq. It's the account of a machine gunner in the infantry assigned to one of the Army's new Stryker Brigades in Iraq. His latest recounting of a firefight in Mosul on the 4th is particular riveting. I'm reminded of the pacing of Black Hawk Down (book and movie,) Today's follow up post illuminates the firefight a little more. I think the Stryker Brigade's exploits, as told by the blogger CBFTW, are ripe for a really good combat flick. I'm interested in finding out what the soldiers think of the new Stryker vehicle. Its been a source of debate in the states as to whether it provides the mobility and protection the troops need in the urban combat environment they are faced with. CBFTW seems to think it came through the firefight he was in quite well, I'd like his further input on that. I'll try contacting him, but I imagine he's quite busy dodging bullets or something, so I won't hold by breathe.

Wife & I are heading for some r&r to the City of Angels and its environs for a week, so posting will be light to nonexistent. I hope to be able to see some neat marine creatures in the wild and captivity.

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Vendelascity said...

L.A.? Please send my regards to my home state of California (I miss her so!)