Saturday, November 08, 2003

IRAQI BLOG ROUNDUP: For those of you interested, there are a number of Iraqis that blog from inside their country. The ones I have been able to find (in no particluar order) are: The Baghdad Blogger, Riverbend (beware, there are some counterfeit Riverbend sites out there,) Healing Iraq and now The Mesopotamian. There are also several American soldiers that are currently stationed in country that blog too. Check out Chief Wiggles, Chrome Dome (poor sap is bald), Boots on the Ground and Baghdaddy. There were more, but some of them have already rotated out of Iraq. All the blogs mentioned have more links to similar blogs. There's also the fascinating and well written Kevin Sites, a journalist who blogs when he is in Iraq with a good and balanced (IMHO) perspective -now with pictures! There's lots tons of of good info and comments on some of these blogs and you should budget yourself lots of time to absorb everything. UPDATE: In the past twenty-four hours another Iraqi blogger has come online. Check out Iraq at a Glance.

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