Tuesday, October 28, 2003

HEADACHE: I have a pounding one right now. No particular reason I can figure. Shout out to Ellen in LA, who just got engaged to Stuart. Woohoo! Ellen, I doubt you recall, was with me from the very beginning. My wedding planning program will soon be available for $500US retail. <grin> In no particular order:
  • Why is it that corporate travel agents have the collective problem solving capacity of a mold spore?
  • Why does my set top DVR pause interminably between switching channels?
  • Why do some people always seem to call when the TV show you are watching is about to reach its exciting conclusion? (app. 10 minutes to the hour)
  • Why do some people insist on blowing themselves up?
  • Why do some columnists never have anything positive to say about anything?
  • When will the X-Prize be won?
  • Do we really need these?
  • Who's right? him? or her?
OK, I'm done questioning for now.

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