Monday, September 08, 2003

JEWISH RENNAISANCE FAIR: OK, so I went to the Jewish Rennaisance Fair in New Jersey yesterday. I was half-expecting to see Jousting -Jewish Style (?) or something of that nature, but all I got was Uncle Moishy, Israeli arts and half-boiled hot dogs for my troubles. (Sidebar: The rumored Uncle Moishy-Barney smackdown never occured, sigh!) To be fair (sic.) I did enjoy the Israeli solidarity pavilion, which featured vendors from Israel hawking Israeli goods in an attempt to support the Israeli economy during these troubled times. In particular, I bought one of these educational toys for my nephew's seventh birthday. I hope he likes it, it's not the Gameboy he was expecting. Unexpectedly, I was completely choked up by the One Family booth. One Family supports the victims of terror in Israel in a very special way. I say unexpectedly because, while I am very emotionally connected to the suffering of my people, I didn't expect the emotional roller coaster I actually endured when perusing the booth. Perhaps the upcoming "yahrzeit" of September 11 has me in an especially contemplative mood. I do plan on commemorating the event in several ways this coming Thursday. If you live on or near the Upper West Side of New York City, I will be laying some flowers and a candle at the Fireman's Memorial in Riverside Park. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go in the morning at the time of the attacks or in the evening, though. If you want to come with, drop me a line through any of the contact methods in the sidebar. ME & JULIO: It looks like the boys from Corona are back! They must be really broke to resort to this. Last I heard S & G really don't like each other too much. Who cares? I'lll be first on line (online?) for tix. UPDATE: Hero of the Day, by Metallica, seems to encapsulate my feelings this week.

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