Tuesday, September 02, 2003

ANOTHER PIECE OF THE PUZZLE: I just purchased a 17" LCD monitor with built-in stereo speakers for the astoundingly low price of $299 (after rebate). This, for my media PC, which will be recast as a (Linux) workstation in light of some other purchases that have negated much of the need for such a contrivance in the first place. MY CABLE COMPANY now offers this DVR (Digital Video Recorder) set-top box that does the same thing as a TiVO, for 10 bucks a month. So, naturally, I snapped one up. Now I no longer "need" the PVR/DVR services that my media PC would have provided. Oh yeah, and I can watch an endless supply of Family Guy reruns. Yippee! I FINALLY UPGRADED my PDA to a respectable Sony Clie PEG TG/50. Through the magic of credit card rewards programs this purchase came out to a whopping zero dollars! With this tiny Bluetooth dongle attached to an open USB port on my laptop, I can use the Clie to wirelessly browse the 'net from anywhere in my shockingly small apartment.

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