Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I'VE GOT A FEVER: OK, I've been neglecting my blog for awhile. Suffice it to say that I (finally) have a life outside of my blog and have been busy in other avenues of pursuit. Last Thursday I was at Arlene's Grocery with my friend Benji. We snuck in near the end of the evening to catch the Brain Surgeons. The Brain Surgeons features the musical stylings of Albert Bouchard and his wife Deborah. Al was formerly the drummer for Blue Oyster Cult, so the audience was treated to such BOC standards as Godzilla and Don't Fear the Reaper. Now here's the funny part. Deb called for a volunteer to do the cow bell for 'Reaper and a young, long haired, Birkenstock clad hippie type took up the call. Someone in the audience gave the troglodyte (well, that's pretty much what he looked like) two glasses to clink together and he proceeded to make a total ass out of himself during the rock classic. I mean, hasn't he at least seen the SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Chris Walken? All he had to do was bang the glasses together in a steady ryyhm. but NOOOO! he had to get all improvisational in his altered state. Near the end of the song, when some guitar solo work was being done, the moron tried to share the mike with Deb and was mercifully yanked from the stage by a fellow attendee. It's funny (a) how dated I feel when I'm at a concert and I'm in the minority of folks present (in an admittedly tiny venue) who even know that this kid was doing anything wrong (let alone the lyrics to Don't Fear the Reaper) and (b) how much that SNL skit has become a part of the BOC lexicon worldwide. More on the dude who yanked the hippie -who turned out to have an interesting story too- at a later time.

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