Thursday, July 10, 2003

CREATURE OF THE NIGHT: My GF & I saw Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo live last night at the Beacon. Wow, she can still belt 'em out, although she's not much of a performer. Her husband Neil, though, has enough "Cabo Wabo" juice for the both of them. Some observations:
  • Pat's crowd is very ambiguously gay and/or middle aged (a no brainer.)
  • It's been awhile since I've seen that many mullets and cowboy boots in New York (hell, on the East Coast.)
  • Bass players always look like they'd be just as happy chilling on the couch as playing a gig, even when they're doing their solo.
  • Green Vinyl Dream, who opened for Pat, are a competent bunch that sounded amazingly like Candlebox, whose CD I purchased around ten years ago. LA is full of these polished, talented yet unexciting bands. Pity, because they'd probably find a better following doing East Coast gigs that in the wild, wild west.

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