Friday, June 20, 2003

REALITY BYTES: So I was walking around the UWS Dive Bar scene (low 80's & Amsterdam) and I saw a truck for the Fifth Wheel (one of those mindless TV dating shows) outside of Rancho's. Ever the intrepid New Yorker, I went in (with my date) to spy on the proceedings. Sure enough in the back under enough lamps to illuminate the ocean floor were two seductively clad women fawning over a rippling male specimen and making faces you'd never see if there wasn't a camera to capture them. Which brings me to my next rant.. What is it about alcohol and pop culture that gives people the idea that they won't be held responsible for their actions (usually of the amorous kind) when they are on the sauce? If a whole evening is planned around the uncontrolled imbibing of spirits, ala Real World fill in the city doesn't that defeat the purpose of the exercise? I mean preparing to get drunk with a member of the opposite sex with whom you have only a platonic relationship up until that point is like saying: "I really can't do the things I want to do (to you) for whatever reason, but the alcohol will make it OK." If both parties know the score going in, haven't they already violated the premise of getting drunk in the first place? Not that inebriation doesn't stand as a fine pursuit on its own merits. Silly, I say. On a related note, if I never hear another "woohoo!" ever again, that wouldn't be too soon. The woohoo has become the contemporary western liberated women's happy version of the middle eastern ululating sound. Trés annoying, bee-yatch (to noone in particular,) cut it out. Heya Benji!

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