Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I'm not referring to the financial crisis, for which I am unqualified to comment and for which the sky may indeed be falling. I am referring to the election. Here are some of the cyclical comments I hear every four years:

  • This election really matters
  • The other guy will lead us on the roads to ruin for sure
  • That guy is a closet antisemite/muslim/socialist/hippie/elitist/liberal/oil sucking vampire
  • If that guy is voted in I'm definitely decamping to Canada/Europe/Israel
  • He's not experienced/too experienced
  • He's a hopeless outsider/insider
  • He's too young/old
  • He panders to the left/right/center/religious right/nutroots/netroots/loony left/Jews (always the Jews)
  • Twenty years ago he said that/did this/was seen talking to him/tied his shoelaces like that

My simple rules:

  • Vote your conscience.
  • Don't believe most of the dirt being dished -especially as we get down to the wire.
  • Politicians are by definition slippery
  • The world won't end on November 5th no matter who wins the election.
  • Once it's over, unite behind our elected leader.
  • Remember, it's always between a giant douchebag and a turd sandwich.

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Me said...

Judgement Day was July 24, 2004: