Friday, March 16, 2007


Haven't been able to complete a post in over a month. About 4 unfinished blog posts litter my blogger account. One day I'll get my mojo back and start writing again. Meanwhile, this is funny. (hat tip: Jeremy)


Vendelascity said...

Are you coming to Chitown? Ever?

Jake said...

for now, no. The contract that was supposed to send me there for some work fell through.

Vendelascity said...

Okay, this is weird but that Flikr account belongs to a former coworker of mine (when I worked for Critical Mass, an interactive agency) named Scott Shiller! He's an all-around cool dude from Calgary, Alberta Canada and now works for Yahoo doing web design. When we went to Calgary for a company retreat, Scott gave me a tour of the city. Scott rocks!!