Wednesday, July 12, 2006


When the current crisis in Israel and Gaza erupted, I feared that kidnapping would become the preferred new terror tactic. This morning it appears that the nightmare has become true. My predictions: For Israel to make any impact regarding the Lebanon affair, they'll have to push through the border area which is a no man's land controlled by Hizbullah into the Lebanese heartland, where the government holds sway. That's the only way to pressure Lebanon into reigning in Hezbollah, which by Michael Totten's accounts (if memory serves) most Lebanese regard as the crazy cousin that they let roam free in the border area and try to ignore.


Poor boy said...

I'm just posting here to encourage the Jewish community to visit some sites such as
and and sites that link from them and discuss with these bloggers the issues surrounding the Israeli / Terrorist conflict now raging. These people, claiming to be liberals, progressives, and the like would sooner see Israel erased from the map than defend herself.

Freeslave actually has pictures (probably fakes) of Jewish kids (we assume) signing little notes onto bombs, with pictures of Lebbanese kids dead right below it. This kind of propaganda can't be allowed to stand.

Jake said...

unfortunately, the pictures of the kids drawing on artillery shells are real, but the story is more nauanced... see this.