Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Sometimes I need to remind myself that I have a lot to be thankful for. Today is the seventh day of Chanukkah and Lorraine & I just returned from her sister's second son's bris. All went well and mother, child (not to mention father, grandparents and assorted aunts and uncles) are fine. Lorraine barrels along in to her ninth month and we excitedly anticipate our family's pending expansion by 50%. I am thankful for all of this, which was barely conceivable to me a little over a year ago. My two best friends, Manny and Chuck, also got married recently, making this a most auspicious year for the three of us. I continue to find happiness and intellectual stimulation in my chosen profession, which is all I can really ask for besides enough compensation to live on. My car works, my apartment has heat and my new laptop is in the mail.

Happy and healthy Holiday season and New Year to all. (Rather, Wendy, the only other known reader of this blog.)

P.S. Friedman gets it right for the first time in awhile (IMHO.)


Anonymous said...

I log on to check everyday, so you have at least 2 loyal raeders! I'm truely overjoyed to hear you so happy. I'm glad to know you are sincerely thankful, and not just telling me that because I sometimes nag you about it.

Vendelascity said...

Message from your most loyal reader: "barely conceivable?" A-hahahahahaha! You made a pun! Go visit my blog and leave me a comment. I barely get any myself these days.

Vendelascity said...

Oh, and does Lorraine mind that you refer to her as "barrels along?" Nice choice of words, Jakie!