Monday, September 13, 2004


For those of you who turned down a Hummer because its too small. Wife & I are looking into one of these babies for when we get one of these babies. Any suggestions?

ALSO: Very interesting Yahoo! search shortcuts. Hat tip: Danny Sullivan, via Jeremy Zawodny.

ON POLITICS: I've taken it upon myself to actually read the Democratic Party platform for 2004 and the Republican Party platform for 2004 (note: links are for dowloading Adobe PDF files.) If the election is as important as its being hyped to be (what election isn't?) I figure I should at least learn what the candidates actually stand for from the horses' (or, insert favorite quardruped here) mouths rather than the fickle and innacurate big media outlets.


Vendelascity said...

LOL, one of my coworkers, who is also expecting his first baby, just bought the same vehicle!

Jake said...

I am assuming you're talking about the Malibu and not the truck. Does he/she like it? I need some feedback. Seriously.

Vendelascity said...

Actually, I think it's the SUV. He hasn't taken delivery of it yet but I'll ask him about it.

Vendelascity said...

Oh, and Shana Tova, BTW!