Saturday, February 07, 2004

DO I HAVE A SIGN ON MY BACK? It seems that January is the month all the telephone service providers I use decided to fleece me. First there's Verizon, whom I have a special loathing for, who decided that my $40 basic phone service and long distance plan really means $80. Then there's AT&T Wireless, who, like a senile old woman, decided that my wife really didn't cancel her service with them and return her phone, so we owe them for January. Then there's Sprint. Ah Sprint. How do you explain to the minimum wage slave that will undoubtedly answer my irate customer service call that instead of putting my wife and I on a shared plan with 2,000 minutes, free nights and weekends and unlimited internet for $110 they've put us on the Halliburton "let's rape our customer" $600 plan (I wasn't even aware of such a deal, had I only known beforehand..) Looks like I'll be spending next week sparring with wonderful telco service reps to sort this out so I can use my money for more important endeavors, like food and rent. Cheers.

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